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Working With a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

When you decide to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor, consider how a business hires new workers. They don’t just pick the first candidate who walks through the door. Instead, they gather several applications from several equally qualified applicants. The applications are compared to a short list of best qualified candidates and then the shortlisted contractors are contacted. Then the contractors discuss the job with the references and receive bids from each contractor.

A kitchen remodeling contractor wants to be sure to provide good customer service and quality work. They want references from other people who have used their services. They also like it when a prospective client asks them a number of specific questions related to the job. Here are some questions that a contractor should ask three contractors in advance:

” Describe your dream kitchen and describe your old kitchen. Give me examples of things in your dream kitchen that would not work in your present kitchen and describe how that particular change will improve your kitchen. Do not say you have a dream kitchen that is the same as everyone else’s dream kitchen. Explain why your dream kitchen is different and show how it is different.”

” Explain to me exactly what changes you want made to the existing design. Tell me the details, such as how you will coordinate the lighting, the countertop and flooring, and windows and doors. Describe how you plan to maintain the new style while making it look as if it is still part of your present house. Also, let me know if you have any special requirements before work begins on your kitchen renovation.”

You might find it helpful to bring in an architect or draftsman to assist you in this process. This extra pair of eyes can help you make sure the designs you are proposing are feasible and that the remodeling contractors you are working with are up to the task. They can also be helpful in verifying that the designs you have provided are the only ones available. Also, it is good to have someone present during the remodeling contractor meeting who is neutral; you want an objective third party to watch the project and provide notes. If possible, have more than three contractors involved in the project. Having multiple opinions helps to insure that the kitchen remodeling contractor you select is working with a similar design as many other kitchen remodelers.

In general, most kitchen remodeling contractors charge a fee based upon the square footage of the kitchen and do not take into account the cost of the materials they will use to remodel your kitchen. It is best to get price quotes from several contractors before you choose one to remodel your kitchen. Some contractors require a down payment; if you are on a tight budget you may need to find a contractor who will work without a down payment.

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